Varicoats is searching partners for piloting and testing, also distributors for green coating technology worldwide or area wise. If you are interested to co-operate with innovative high-tech company, please contact


Funding and support



Tekes is the main public funding organisation for research, development and innovation in Finland.


ely fi

Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment



The Foundation for Finnish Inventions screens and evaluates inventions and innovative ideas generated by private persons and start-up companies and helps to develop them into businesses.


Research and developement, testing ja piloting



Mahikor Ltd is a surface treatment equipment and utensils importer, as well as the seller.


Test- and research institutes


Contesta Oy

Contesta Oy provides a wide range of testing and research services based on in-depth expertise on concrete technology.



Institute of Marine Sciences - conducts marine research





Sami Seliö is a two time F1-boat world champion. Seliö has been testing VariSol- coatings in his boat since 2010 and has contributed to the product developement in racing conditions.



Vuoluset Ky is a CNC-machining company specializing for soapstone processing, located in Polvijärvi- close to Joensuu. Company manufactures HIFI speakers and gift products from soapstone. Vuoluset Ky:s Prime soapstone speaker has been coated with VariSol thinfilm coating, which prevents fingerprints and grease penetration to soapstones porous surface.