Varicoats briefly

Varicoats currently specializes in developing and manufacturing environmental-friendly and recyclable coating materials and solutions for metals, plastics, glass, ceramics, stone, concrete and other materials used in industries such as; electronics, automotive, paper & pulp, home appliance, bathroom, machinery, construction and farms etc.

Varicoats® coatings allows to create surfaces, which are easy to clean, repels dirt, grease, humidity, corrosion, friction and also surfaces which are highly chemical resistant. Varicoats coatings are extremely easy and fast to apply in order to increase the scalability in production. Varicoats´s mission is to assist their whole clientele by creating solutions and supplying new, environmental-friendly, economically produced and functional high performance coating solutions. 

Our innovative product range and solutions represent the new functional coating and surface treatment technology for industrial and consumer use. Varicoats uses a wide range of environmentally friendly materials in the development of the patented sol-gel technology and bio-polyurethane coating technology. 

Most of the development is focused on customer specific products and solutions which are tailored according to the needs of the industrial customer or distributor. The custom-made solutions for customer needs are mainly developed to increase the performance, lifespan, functionality, maintainability and quality of specific products. We are also interested in projects involving surface modifying and enhancing the performance of the substrates.

Company history